Supercharge your customer service

With Pulse you get a supercharged customer service management platform, connecting your customers to your business via Email, Telephony, Social, Webchat+Bot and Self-Service.

Pulse integrates with existing systems to enrich engagements while managing, collating and prioritising customer interactions, all backed by AI, automation and the skill of your workforce - to deal with those enquiries requiring a human touch.

Pulse handles the mundane day to day tasks, prioritises incoming queries, automates routine responses, manages workflows, reports on customer activity all in one integrated solution.

  • Take your service to your customers: Connect
  • Make it a breeze: Simplify
  • Retain your workforce as well as customers: Empower

Take your service to your customers

With our self-service, chat and knowledge management capability you’ll see improved customer retention and satisfaction.

Pulse can prioritise all customer interactions and utilise artificial intelligence to deal with common enquiries, whilst delivering higher priority work to your team.

  • Seamlessly connect customers with your service via real-time and offline engagement.
  • Enable intelligent customer contact that delivers a personalised experience.
  • Know your customers through data integration and centralised access to all customer engagements irrespective of channel.
Empower yourcustomer serviceteams with Pulse

Make it a breeze

Automate common tasks and customer queries through integration with your existing systems. Allowing customer to truly self-serve, and your teams to access real-time data.

  • Automatically prioritise and deliver work to the right person based on query context, type and skill.
  • Create frictionless customer onboarding.
  • Ensure compliance through centralised auditing and data collection.
Connectand simplifywith Pulse

Retain your workforce as well as customers

Provide a single customer view, recommended responses and real-time interaction to drive efficiency and remove frustration from your workforce.

Gain action insight as Pulse captures and processes every interaction.

  • Gain insight to drive operational effectiveness and close service gaps.
  • Capture and publish knowledge to promote self-service and drive continuous service improvement.
  • Automate common critical tasks and enquiries to reduce service overheads.