IVA enables automated
24/7 service handling.

Meet IVA, your Intelligent Virtual Assistant, who will serve your customers wherever and whenever they need it, 24/7.

Our competitors can all provide self-service…
but they can’t give you IVA!

  • It’s more than self-service.
  • Provides round the clock front and back-office task automation.
  • Resolves customer queries efficiently and effectively.

Brings calm to customer interactions

Both your workforce and customers can now enjoy frictionless customer experiences, with improved operational effectiveness and increased customer satisfaction.

And what will that mean? Increased customer retention rates and a lower turnover in staff. Sounds great right?

Beat your competition

It’s likely you’ll have similarities to your competitors, that’s why they’re competitors.

Our competitors say they do self-service, and they do. But we can do more than self-service.

IVA does so much more. And so will you!

Inline Automated Channel Shift (AV)

Intelligent Automated Escalation

Agent empowered customer engagement

Pre-built industry specific journeys



Standard and bespoke integrations



How does it work?

IVA can seamlessly connect and integrate with your current systems, delivering automated harmonious communications with your customers.

Powered by Lokulus’ advanced AI bots, your business is set for a customer experience revolution, as intelligent, integrated technologies automate tasks from the front to the middle and all the way to the back end.

Journey Builder

We know one size doesn't fit all, so with our IVA journey builder, you can have complete flexibility to enable personalised customer journeys, even specific to your industry!


Experiencing a period of sustained growth or simply looking to resolve customer queries faster? IVA will resolve queries more effectively and without adding pressure to your customer service teams.

Gartner research concluded that by 2025, advancements in Virtual Assistants will automate up to 80% of call centre agent tasks. Let IVA take you to the future of customer experience.

What are you waiting for? Get ahead of your competition, and get IVA today.


IVA identifies and classifies the nature of an incoming enquiry, entirely automating requests relating to delivery. For enquiries requiring Agent involvement, IVA will seamlessly handoff with enquiry context to drastically improve handle times.


Enable insurer brokers to automate the request and receipt of No Claims Discount (NCD) proofs.

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  • Reduce WISMO burden

    80% of customers are asking ‘Where is my order?’ With IVA, you’ll be answering them in record time. Click on the IVA icon to the right and witness first hand what IVA can do for you.

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