Everything needed for industry-leading customer service

Advanced tools to take your business to the next level — built on decades of experience, technology battle tested with some of the top customer support teams.

Workforce Management

Pulse optimises your workforce through AI and Agent and Demand insight.

  • Work Distribution

    Automatic delivery of tasks by availability, skill and priority to ensure the most effective service and adherence to SLA's.

  • Queue Access

    Configure granular access to tasks by queue, allowing either no access, read access or write/action.

  • Case & Customer Locking

    When action is being taken on a task, lock the associated case and/or customer to ensure no parallel work is being undertaken.

  • SLA's

    Apply granular control of your SLA's by task type, including Initial Offer and Completion to drive customer response targets. REG will do all the hard work so you can focus on business performance as opposed to managing individual contributors.

  • Working Calendars

    Configure your working days/times to accurately measure SLA's.

  • Skills Based Routing

    Route tasks to agents with the appropriate skill allowing task assignment to the right people irrespective of the queue.

  • Insight

    Gain clear insight to measure team and individual performance against targets/SLA's.

Automation & AI

Pulse includes several bots that underpin the solution, driving automation, efficiency and insight.

  • CAL (Classification Bot)

    Identification, extraction and classification of "key" information to drive automation and enquiry context.

  • FLO (Business Process / Workflow user)

    Build fully automated, hybrid or manual processes to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

  • REG (Resource Bot)

    Automates workforce management based on SLA's, availability and skill, whilst providing insight through real-time reporting.

  • RUN (Scheduler)

    Automate common actions to reduce workforce overhead.

  • MOP (Overwatch)

    Continuously monitors queue health, allowing failing actions to be re-tried to reduce human intervention.

  • BOB (Chat and Social Click Bot)

    Provide guided questions and answers to support self-service automation.

Unified Workspace

Pulse provides a unified user experience to optimise the workforce, ensuring compliance and driving efficiency as well as user satisfaction.

  • Auto-Pop

    Automatic delivery of tasks to users based on priority. users don’t need to click the work they fancy, it gets delivered based on priority and availability ensuring optimal efficiency and adherence to SLA's.

  • Task/case and customer queries

    Complement the automatic delivery of tasks with queries that filter specific tasks for review and action.

  • Profile Based Workspace

    Adapt the workspace by role, allowing Admins, Content Creators and Customer Facing teams to experience a personalised but common interface.

  • Multi-Channel

    Multi-tasking of multi-channel communications, (Email, Social, CTI).

  • Auditing and Compliance

    Audit all actions taken across Pulse to support compliance and GDPR.

  • Case and Customer association

    Automatically allocate tasks to an associated case and customer, allowing quick lookup and review of previous communications.

  • Transfer, Consult, Hold, Pend and Reserve

    Manage follow-up or seek help from others.

  • Suggested Content

    Provides "suggested" templates paragraphs and attachments to aid user responses.

  • Knowledge Browser

    Centralised knowledge browser to capture and re-use knowledge to aid response times and consistency.

  • Integrated External URL's

    Embed external sites and applications within the Pulse workspace to reduce switching between applications.

  • Drafts

    Allows users to compose responses and save them prior to use.

  • Spell and grammar checker

    Support the composition of responses with a multi-language spell and grammar checker.

  • Quality Assurance

    Set quality thresholds by profile to ensure new staff get additional support and feedback when responding to clients.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Provide a visual indication of client sentiment per enquiry and aggregated sentiment over time by case and customer.

Supported Channels

  • Email

    Fully featured email integration supporting all modern email protocols, (POPS, IMAPS, SMTP, 0365 GraphAPI)

  • Phone

    Via call logging or full CTI integration, users experience a common interface that provides an enriched single customer view.

  • Social

    Provide a seamless customer experience by enabling conversation over your client's preferred method of communication, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram.

  • Contact Us/Web Forms

    Create webforms to capture information from your website and create tasks within Pulse.

  • Webchat+Bot

    Chat is provided within the Self-service widget, allowing the enablement of web chat via your own website. Pulse also opens up the use of bots to deal with common queries.

Self Service

Add an engaging experience to your website to promote client self-service, engagement and insight.

  • FAQ's

    Manage and publish FAQ's to your website via the self-service widget enabling customers to address their own queries.

  • Webchat+Bot

    Allow customers to engage via webchat.

  • Contact us/Webforms

    Build webforms that capture context to efficiently route queries to the right user or automated processes.

  • Insight

    Gain insight into self-service use and effectiveness to adapt customer journey and promote relevant knowledge.

Knowledge & Content Curation

Pulse includes a full content management system to centralise content that is contextually aware.

  • CMS (Content Management System)

    Create and surface knowledge to improve the quality of responses with personalisation no matter the customer language. Supports the inclusion of dynamic context-based on pre-defined logic.

  • Knowledge Store

    Centralise all business knowledge to drive effective knowledge capture and re-use through the workspace knowledge browser.

  • FAQ's

    Allow the operation to manage public-facing FAQ's and publish via the self-service widget.

Real-time Reporting, Analytics & Insight

Pulse provides a rich dataset to support management and business intelligence.

  • Pre-Configured Dashboards

    Out of the box real-time dashboards that visualise user performance, demand trends and key management information.

  • Data API

    Access the rich analytics provided by Pulse and visualise in your preferred reporting technology, e.g. PowerBI and Tableau, allowing for integration to your data warehouse.

  • Query and aggregation builder

    Build queries and aggregate data to provide business insight.

  • Standard Reporting Pack

    Access standard reports that provide insight across transactional and operational demand and performance.

Security Auditing & Compliance

Pulse provides secure storage, transmission and access to sensitive data through a combination of data encryption, message encryption, secure messaging, and robust security and access control mechanisms.

  • Single Sign-On & Federation

    Pulse supports SSO with integration with AAD, Google, Facebook and other common federated platforms, ensuring access control is managed by you allowing seamless access to the platform.

  • Security by Role

    Apply granular control of the Pulse features by role and component.

  • Auditing

    Full auditing is provided for platform access and configuration.

Data Retention / Archiving & Maintenance

Ensure compliance and apply data retention policies that align with business requirements.

  • Data Retention Policies

    Pulse allows granular control of your data retention policy to align with your business needs.

  • Data Maintenance

    Pulse incorporates data maintenance and tidy jobs to ensure optimal performance at all times.